Perry Israel is an expert in the federal income tax aspects of municipal finance. He works in a number of capacities:

  • Outside tax counsel on a regular or casual basis to bond lawyers and law firms across the countryranging from solo practitioners to law firms with more than a thousand lawyers

• Special tax counsel on municipal financings •Audit defense counsel in IRS examinations of tax-exempt or other tax-advantaged municipal borrowings

• Structuring consultant

• Expert witness or expert consultant for counsel in litigation matters relating to municipal finance

• Counsel to borrowers on post-issuance compliance matters

Please contact Perry for more information on how he can help you work through the thicket of federal tax laws relating to municipal finance.

Perry Israel is a tax lawyer who has focused on the federal income tax aspects of municipal finance for more than 30 years. During that period he has been the principal tax lawyer on hundreds of municipal bond issues totaling tens of billions of dollars. He has been actively involved in structuring complex advance refunding, work-out transactions, long-term working capital financings, public-private partnership projects, pooled transactions, and derivative transactions, as well as having a broad experience in the bread and butter projects for municipal finance. He opened his solo practice in 2007.